The Hottest Women in Children's Television

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We watch a lot of children's programming in the House With One F. It's gotten to the point that if Dora the Explorer hasn't commented on a current event, then we haven't heard about it. Still, it does hypnotize the offspring long enough to wet yourself with a sponge, take a quick pee, and occasionally forage for food.

Plus, there are some unexpected benefits. For instance, have you noticed that some of the women who show up in between the cartoons about sharing and caring and not at all bad looking? Well they are, and here we'd like to present our top 5.

We should point out that this list was actually a top 6, and we'd planned to showcase Lazy Town star Julianna Rose Mauriello. She was only 14 when the show was running, but she was such a cute little thing we decided to try and find pictures of her all grown up and feature her. Well, typing "Julianna Rose Mauriello adult" into Google image search takes you to some very bad places on the Internet so we decided to leave her off the article rather than get put on yet another list ourselves. So Julianna, if you're reading this (Pfft. If) it's not that we don't think you're pretty, it's that the other people who do scare the crap out of us.

5. Nitya Vidyasagar

nitya from
Vidyasagar is the stone cold foxy Indian chick who plays Leela on Sesame Street. In the show she is the patient owner of a laundry mat. The nose ring, flawless skin, and a gorgeous head of hair has us thinking of ways to get dirty enough to extra-special require her services. Her other gig is Broadway shows, so here's to hoping she takes on something edgy that requires a few less clothes.

4. Shayna Rose

shaynarose_web from centuries and seconds.jpg
Centuries and Seconds
We'll admit that some of the songs are catchy, but as far as brand x Disney shows go, the Fresh Beat Band has very little to offer. Until recently, what it did have to offer was the redhead up there. That's Shayna Rose, but she's left the world of goofy musical antics to do more adult work (yay!) and get married (boo!). Her replacement, Terra Perry isn't bad either, but Rose is the hotter of the two.

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John Daab
John Daab

Anne Harris is also a world class sweetheart and an amazing songwriter.  All of her CDs are great, but I particularly recommend "Open Your Doors."  It's a digital antidepressant so effective it could hurt some of Big Pharma's bottom lines.


Screw children's TV, when there is Catherine Whaley on 11.. Meow....

Jef With One F
Jef With One F

She told me she was flattered to be on the list. I blushed so freakin' hard!


Blushing...that's what they're calling it these days?

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