Hot Women at Ren Fest

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Photo by Margaret Downing
The finest in chain mail/bikini combos and other minimalist fashion were on full display Saturday at the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville.

While vendors were busy pushing fox tails and plague rats, along with all that food and drink, many of the festival goers, buoyed by a feeling of euphoria (it was Bud-Light day), chose to semi bare their chests while strolling about the grounds.

This wasn't just restricted to women, as our slide show demonstrates. Everyone was having a very, very good time. And don't worry about asking someone to pose. As one woman put it when asked, "I shouldn't be at Ren Fest if I don't want my picture taken.

The Texas Renaissance Festival runs every Saturday and Sunday through November 27. For ticket information go to

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Texas Renaissance Festival

21778 Farm-To-Market Road 1774, Todd Mission, TX

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Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

Hot women at Ren Fest?  I am pretty sure that is an oxymoron.


Mr. Cuyler still only has eyes for USA1.

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