Awesomely Lame Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home

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A literal human centipede.
If there is one holiday that we love here at the Houston Press, it's Halloween. Not just because it gives us a chance to vent our latent cross-dressing tendencies or release our inner, um, tarts. We also have the opportunity to help out our fellow man decide what to be for this fiendishly fun holiday. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to shell out for costumes, and we show you how to make merry on the cheap.

2010 was a banner year for costume choices, with Jersey Shore and Avatar dominating the pop culture field. 2011 has been a great year for costume ideas as well. Versions of Rick Perry, (Zombie) Amy Winehouse, Casey Anthony, and yet again, Lady Gaga, will be walking the streets and bars in just a few weeks. Be careful, as not all of the Gagas and Winehouses will be Halloween costumes.

As has become custom here at the office, we brainstormed a few relatively simple and easy to replicate looks for this Halloween. These are costumes you can make with the things around your home or office, unless you work at a steel mill or Congress or something.

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"Small-brained folk weren't sure what to make of a woman who didn't feel comfortable in a man's body,"

Funny, I thought they were complaing because they couldn't wrap their heads around Chaz actually being a man who was born into a cis woman's body... Kind of like the author of this post evidently/


Thanks for the quick correction Craig.

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