10 Vintage Schwingtastic Pictures of Suzanne Somers (Semi NSFW)

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This week actress Suzanne Somers turns 64 years old. The former Three's Company dingbat and Step By Step MILF is one of the most youthful looking sexagenarians on the planet, aside from Susan Sarandon, of course. We all remember what she looked like, right?

Aside from the acting work -- she was also a naked chick in Magnum Force -- Somers is best-known for her Thighmaster commercials and her views on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which we know nothing about because we review music and look up barely-safe-for-work pictures of Hollywood actresses for a living. We do know that people do not like this therapy, and that Oprah Winfrey is somehow involved. Was it turned into a Broadway play? Maybe.

All that aside, we had the arduous task of finding ten sexy pictures of Somers in her prime. Did you know that she was in Playboy twice? Once in 1980 when the magazine ran photos of her from a test shoot, and the next time in 1984 when she went nakey for money for real. Here's ten pictures from the tanned, nubile, fit, blond, golden age of Suzanne Somers.



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smoke faster than you can roll
smoke faster than you can roll

oh yeah since American Grafitti in the T Bird saying to a very young Richard Dreyfuss on the pay phone "Curt is that you Curt" wow it will never leave my head  1973  what a time ....

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