Project Runway: Bad Prints, Bad Attitudes

Josh M runway.jpg
Joshua M. is his own worst enemy.
This week on Project Runway: Another team challenge rears its ugly head; Joshua M.'s selfish attitude gives Bert's persnickety snark a run for its money; Joshua makes me cry -- again.

In this week's episode, aptly titled "Can't We All Just Get Along?" the designers are divided into two teams of five, and Heidi instructs them to work collaboratively -- no leaders should emerge or be appointed. I smell trouble!

Anthony Ryan was the winner of last week's challenge and gets to pick the first member of his team; he chooses Anya. Viktor, Bryce and Olivier join the team and they name themselves "Team Chaos." Joshua M., Becky, Laura Kathleen, Bert and Kimberly make up the second team and dub themselves "Team Nuts & Bolts."

The challenge: Create a five-look collection using textiles designed with their HP Design Suites; three of the looks must feature their textiles in a prominent manner. The teams also have to create an accompanying music video thing that also represents their team's design theme.

becky loses.jpg
Becky's team made her remake her skirt three times.
Designer Betsey Johnson kicks off the workroom effort, popping her head in to tell the designers: "It starts with the girl. You gotta stand for something. Being cooperative, being strong." Betsey is not the guest judge, and doesn't appear in the episode again so ... bye, Betsey.

This is the most random episode of Runway so far this season, focusing mostly on Joshua M.'s temper tantrums and very little on the designers or the clothes they are making. When the two teams break to print textiles and get their game plans together, Joshua M. has a MELT DOWN, screaming at Bert for swearing (Joshua M. told Bert to "drop dead" a few episodes ago -- is the F-word worse than that?) and then Joshua M. threatens to forfeit the challenge. Basically Joshua M. is acting like and thinking like the team leader when he is, in fact, not the team leader.

The rest of the workroom footage is edited to show us how cohesive Team Chaos is compared to Team Nuts & Bolts. The general takeaway is that Team Chaos is going to have a stronger collection because they work better together.

Eventually, Joshua M. calls for everyone's attention and makes what Bert calls a "Public Service Announcement." Joshua M. apologizes to everyone, but especially to Bert, for his outburst. Joshua's backstory comes through a little more clearly through his camera interviews: When his mom died of ovarian cancer two years ago, he wasn't able to return home to see her one last time. He gets emotional, explaining that he missed so much living in New York, working in bars and missing holidays and he just wants it all to pay off some day. We then learn that it was recently his mother's birthday. BINGO! No wonder he's been such an ass. He's obviously still in mourning for his mother, but I don't think it is an excuse to treat people so poorly.

On day two, Tim visits the workroom and gushes over Team Chaos for their cohesion, which he says he can see in their clothes and their body language. On the other hand, Team Nuts & Bolts is a hot mess, and Tim tries to diplomatically comment on it with his critiques of the clothes. Which are ugly. The textiles are bad, the construction is sloppy. At one point, Tim says their concept gives him the hives. Tim literally makes them join hands and promise to sync up their communication. Might be a little late for that.

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