Gosling & Mulligan's Hot Kiss and 10 More Awesome Movie Makeout Scenes

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All about the Internet we keep reading about the ridiculously hot Ryan Gosling/Carey Mulligan make out scene in the upcoming movie Drive. We've watched the exclusive clip (multiple times) and we will concur; it's pretty steamy.

Gosling is no stranger to legendary necking. His movie The Notebook tops most romantic movie lists and the famous kissing-in-the-rain scene has spoiled women's perception of what kissing is really like, for decades to come.

Hollywood has given us plenty of fabulous Frenching over the years (with the majority of it happening during torrential downpours). Here are Art Attack's Top Ten Best Movie Kissing Scenes.

10. From Here To Eternity

Burt Lancaster looks like he is going to literally suck Deborah Kerr's face off, which, according to her, no one has ever done before.

9. E.T.

Sometimes it take a few brews to have the courage to plant one on your dream girl, and this moment in E.T. takes the cake for smooching bravado.

8. Breakfast at Tiffany's

In this lovely ending scene, the troubled Holly Golightly finally comes to her senses and embraces normality, her cat and her love for Paul.

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Not to add insult to my own injury, but I saw Drive this weekend and I was wrong. Their makeout scene in the elevator is probably one of the best ever.

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