Well, That Was Fast: Retablo Tins for Lawndale Art Center's Silent Auction and Exhibition Are Gone, Baby, Gone

On Tuesday, we announced that Lawndale Art Center was handing out materials (a small sheet of metal or "tin") for its annual Día de los Muertos retablo exhibition and silent auction. Well, we regret to inform all those procrastinators out there that they'll have to wait until next year for a shot at having their retablos displayed on Lawndale's walls: The art center is officially out of tins.

For you lucky dogs who were able to snag a piece of tin, don't forget to download the entry form here and bring your finished retablo to Lawndale, 4912 Main, from October 3 through 6 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The retablo exhibition kicks off October 17.

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Lawndale Art Center

4912 Main St., Houston, TX

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