Project Runway: "All About Nina"

Never let them see you sweat.
This week on Project Runway: The designers are assigned a "celebrity client," Becky and Anthony Ryan choose the same print out of the gazillions of choices at Mood, Anya's sewing abilities begin to fray, and I think I'm starting to like Minnesota Barbie.

On the runway, Heidi presents the designers with this week's challenge: designing for a celebrity client who knows a lot about fashion. Is it Heidi? No! It's Nina Garcia! Most of the designers looked panicked, and those who don't? Those are the ones who should really be scared. Nina tells them she likes "classic with an edge, streamlined, tailored silhouettes" and tells them to 86 pleats, patterns and loud colors. The look needs to be office appropriate, but also needs to easily transition from day to evening. The prize is immunity and NYC taxicab advertisements featuring the winning design.

I predict a minimum of ten little black dresses on the runway by episode's end.

How can a girl who designed this go wrong?
The designers head to the workroom to sketch, and then consult with Nina. Most of the designers seem to realize how important this challenge is -- feedback from the editor of Marie Claire is priceless. During consults, Viktor gushes, Bryce simpers and Julie worries that she is running out of chances with the judges. Why would you think that, Julie?

During Cecelia's consultation with Nina, Nina comments that the design "looks a little Dynasty." I think Cecelia's blank look isn't so much that she doesn't have a Plan B as much as I suspect she isn't completely familiar with '80s glam television. Either way, Cecelia is getting that defeated look that we have seen on so many designers in the past -- a look that usually signals design disaster.

At Mood, everything falls apart. Anthony Ryan and Becky both glom onto the same print/ombre hybrid fabric, Cecelia walks in circles in dismay while Anya picks a wacky print in a bright, mustard yellow. What will Nina say? Only two designers are creating a little black dress, and I see a lot more pants than I expected.

Back at the workroom, Nina focuses on telling the designers how much she hates most of what they have done so far. Maybe one of the designers can permanently knit Nina's eyebrows together -- like an accessory -- so she doesn't have to keep scrunching them all by herself. After ripping every single design apart, Nina thanks them for the beautiful designs (?) and announces an additional prize: an editorial in Marie Claire.

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