Japanese Teeth Tattoos and Our Top 10 Most Regrettable Body Art Trends

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No one can say that the Japanese aren't progressive. They've cornered the market on electronics, Anime, robots, Hello Kitty and Pocky Sticks. Americans love to jump on Japan's more efficient mini-bandwagons as quickly as we can. We eat up their fads like Futomaki rolls with cream cheese. However, Art Attack came across a recent Japanese craze that we're not so sure is going to make it to the U.S.: teeth tattoos. Apparently, tattooing skin isn't enough these days, and the kids over in Japan have been adorning their bicuspids for fashion's sake.

According to Japanesetrends.com, the process of adding a tooth tattoo is simple and painless. An adhesive bonds the "tattoo" to the tooth by using an LED light. Apparently, the glue stays put for a few days, but it is "easily" removable. Japanese girls can now match their teeth to their nails. Yay!


Decorating one's teeth isn't altogether new. Madonna donned a gold tooth during her Erotica days; Kayne recently blinged (blung?) out his teeth with diamonds; and rhinestone teeth stickers have popped in and then quickly out of fashion a few times over the years. Luckily, theses teeth tattoos are removable because, as we all know, "body art" fads come and go and we're lucky if we come away unscathed.

To celebrate the human obsession with self-expression, here are Art Attack's Top 10 Most Regrettable Body Art Trends (and if you fell victim to one of the more permanent ones, we salute you).

10. Most Difficult to Explain to Your Grandchildren in 20 Years:
Scar Art


9. Luckily, You Can Wash This Off in the Morning, But There Will Be a Trail Marking Your Walk of Shame: Body Glitter

Britney Loved Her Body Glitter

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