Cool Geeks, Un-Beer and Planet Hollywood: 10 More Things We'll Never Miss About the '90s

Last week, Art Attack assaulted the recent wave of '90s nostalgia with a list of ten things we will never miss about the '90s. Sure, it was the era of the adventures of Pete & Pete and Seinfeld; there were also a lot of things that only seemed like good ideas at the time: Zima, The Nanny and the "Rachel," to name a few.

Over the past few days, we've heard from friends and readers alike about their choices for inclusion on the list, some of which we agreed with (Planet Hollywood sucks) and some of which we didn't ("#1 Reason to not miss the 90's--Mariah Carey and her awful music!"--while we personally don't care for Mimi, we're pretty sure a lot of people would miss her). Nonetheless, we felt the response merited a second backward glance. Here are ten more things we'll never miss about the '90s.

10. Zima Gold

You thought it was bad enough that we jogged your memory about plain ol' Zima? Not nearly as bad as Zima Gold.

9. Overalls


Unless you work on a farm or in an art studio, there is no reason to bring this look back.

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There is a station among the trillions offered that has, "Mad About You" reruns in the late night line up. Recently I attempted to watch one remembering that it once garnered a few laughs. It was a short walk down memory lane before I was screaming and looking for the remote. 

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