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Blind Monkey Studio
What She Does: Scarlett St. Vitus is a driving artistic force in Houston's goth community. As a model, she's appeared in advertisements for Mr. SINched Corsets, as Miss October in the Gothic Swimsuit Calendar and in Gothic Beauty Magazine; she's also the winner of the 2007 Gothic Beauty Pageant.

She is also a burlesque performer, DJ and actress, starring in Kevin DeVil's "Walking After Midnight" and in supporting roles in other B-horror films. She was one of the founders of the short-lived, but completely excellent, goth club Bone Church on Westheimer, the name of which she is now using for a deathrock band she has started with DJ Hex. She also sings and plays guitar in Ex-Voto with Larry and Spleen Rainwater.

St. Vitus is also a contributor to our own Gothic Council.

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Lithium Picnic
Why She Likes It: Never let a goth girl hold your phone or camera unless you want it to be full of pictures of her. This is a law henceforth to be known as the First Law With One F. St. Vitus is no different. She likes having her picture taken.

Beyond that, she enjoys the process of collaborating with stylists, designers, makeup artists and photographers to create a photographic work of art. The energy behind a shoot, the collective excitement of the photo's creation.

Also, the clothes; see The Second Law With One F.

What Inspires Her: "It is difficult for me to narrow down what inspires and influences my modeling and other art. Literally everything inspires me to create in one way or another. Music is one of my main inspirations, and many of my images are named with song lyrics or titles. I draw many of my looks from old Hollywood, film noir, and classic pinups. I like to update the look with something current to keep things fresh, but it is very difficult to do anything 100 percent original these days. It's all been done, so I just try to create what makes me happy.

I am obsessed with symmetry and geometry, so my hair, poses, etc. are often symmetrical or balanced in some way. Also, I am a huge science nerd. In fact, I'd like to take this time to give a shout out to all my homies chillin' on the periodic table. I can't really say they've influenced me directly... well, except maybe Lithium, but I LOVE science. My favorite elements are Mercury (because it is highly toxic) and Aluminum (because it is number 13)."

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, nice.


Great one, Jef!  Kudos to you and Ms St. Vitus ;)

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