The Celebrity Alumni Of The Betty Ford Center
On Friday, Betty Ford, former First Lady, wife of former President Gerald Ford and founder of the Betty Ford Center, died at the age of 93 from natural causes. She was a recovering alcoholic who helped found the influential rehabilitation clinic, vowing to help those in need who were in the grips of various addictions but needed extra help away from a hospital setting.

She was also a tireless supporter of various, somewhat taboo, social causes at a time when most people were still scared to talk about things like drug use, premarital sex and gender equality. Some would even go as far as to say she was more important to the country in the early '70s than her husband was. He was busy cleaning up the messes of his predecessor, Richard Nixon, and found it hard to crawl out of the shadow of Watergate.

Since its opening in 1982, the Betty Ford Center has been a beacon of hope for many celebrities and other well-heeled figures who could afford expert care at high prices. There is a reason why the clinic is so star-studded. Take a look at their current rates for patient care. I don't know about you, but the figures alone would scare me off a crack pipe or bottle of bourbon.

Here's a partial list of some actors, actresses and musicians who have found themselves for one or more reasons behind the gates at the Rancho Mirage, California facility, and why they were there, more or less. OK, we fabricated the reasons, but still, they were there.

Ozzy Osbourne

Addiction: Bat blood.

Keith Urban

Addiction: Faked a painkiller addiction to escape wife Nicole Kidman's Botox-ridden face.

Johnny Cash

Addiction: Walking the line.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Addiction: Cousins.


Stevie Nicks

Addiction: Leather, lace.

Mary Tyler Moore

Addiction: Throwing things in the air in a triumphant fashion.

Robert Downey Jr.

Addiction: Career meltdowns and comebacks.

Elizabeth Taylor

Addiction: Marriage.

Lindsay Lohan

Addiction: Being a batshit, drug-addicted, recovering redhead.

Marlee Matlin

Addiction: Getting drunk and signing curse words at the children aboard school buses.

Kelsey Grammer

Addiction: Making strangers (OK, prostitutes) watch 1996's Down Periscope and forcing them to laugh.

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Farewell to Alcohol

“You have been the longestrunning dysfunctional relationship of my life. You were present from myearliest memories, when as a toddler; I finished each of the highball glassesleft after my parents’ parties. Later you carried me through all our familyevents; champagne in crystal flutes, white wine with every meal, liqueurs afterdinner. Alcohol, you sat with us at the place of honor, at the head of thetable, ruling our household and destroying our family invisibly from within.”

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This is very helpful.

“People new in addiction recovery don’t always embrace aTwelve Step program with open arms, clearly evident in the following words froma newcomer sharing thoughts about attending her first Twelve Step meeting thatwould later become her designated home group. To say I hated it would be anunderstatement!.”

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“For many of us, the revelation of mistakes and shortcomingscomes in that quiet time of meditation. Taking time to reflect upon the day andthank my God for another 24 hours of sobriety gives opportunity for honestywith myself. Only by candidly examining my own actions am I doing my part tokeep the ‘me’ in harmony with others.”

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“I’ve learned that the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person. I’ve learned that when you are in love it shows. I’ve learned that just one person saying to me ‘You’ve made my day!’ makes my day. I’ve learned that having a child fall asleep in your arms is one of the world’s most peaceful feelings. I’ve learned that being kind is more important than being right.”Go to  Alcohol Rehab Centers: I’ve Learned   OR to read more.”

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