Celebrate the Fourth in Style at Khon's Firecracker Hats Show

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Paul McRae

Those who fear that their Fourth of July plans will be ruined this year thanks to the burn bans popping up all over Houston needn't worry. The Firecracker Hat Art Show, being held next week at Khon's Wine Bar in downtown Houston, is sure to be a quirky alternative.

The show, which will feature 15 to 20 of Houston's unique firecracker hats, will be three events rolled into one, starting with a documentary film on the history of firecracker hats, a photo collection of the hats and finally, a live display of the sparklers themselves.

According to event coordinator Jake Goldstein, the Firecracker Hat Art Show began in St. Louis and migrated to Houston, quickly becoming a popular, albeit eccentric, Bayou City tradition. In honor of its roots, two of the original firecracker hats from St. Louis have been imported to Houston for the show.

The event will start and end early enough for art patrons to wander upstairs and watch what will perhaps be the only big fireworks show occurring that day, Freedom Over Texas, from the roof of the bar.

5 p.m. July 4. 2808 Milam St. Free. For more information, call 713-523-7775.

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Khon's Wine Darts Coffee Art

2808 Milam, Houston, TX

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Jake Goldstein
Jake Goldstein

To clarify: by "live display of sparklers," I think the author meant "the hats will be on display." The hats themselves are sculptures, exhibiting a lot of creative metalworking. This show is inside the bar, which as the other article on this site showed ( http://blogs.houstonpress.com/... ), is not a good place for fireworks.  So, please, come look at the hats, buy some photos, and see the documentary, but don't expect live sparklers.

Jake Goldstein

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