Bruce Campbell to Attend This Year's SplatterFest

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Last year, Houston saw the birth of SplatterFest, a horror film festival with a significant twist. Founded by Kelly Smith and the acclaimed director of Spirit Camp (seriously, get it, watch it, love it) Kerry Beyer, the festival is part showcase, part film school exercise, part mad dash for valuable prizes.

Anticipation is building heavily as SplatterFest receives more and more national recognition. Our own Scream World, currently rated as one of the best haunted attraction in the nation, has come on board as a sponsor, as has Monster Energy Drink. No less an indie entertainment juggernaut than Ain't It Cool News has profiled the festival in an article, and now one of the most illustrious names in the horror industry has confirmed his attendance.

Bruce Campbell is currently starring in Burn Notice on USA, but to horror film buffs he will always be the Deadite-fighting hero of the Evil Dead series. The series itself celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has spawned a musical and is set to be remade in the grand Hollywood tradition of being unable to conceive an original thought.

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Detective Sutherland
Detective Sutherland

I just wanted to point out that the "maniac in the suit of armor" in Grisaffi's "Dead of Knight" is Wayne Stevens, who suffers from the Boris Karloff syndrome of being so good as a villain that it never occurs to anyone that there is an actor behind the makeup. Were I Wayne, I would take that as a compliment.

Corey Mitchell
Corey Mitchell

Too bad this is taking place during the second half of Fantastic Fest in Austin. I would love to cover it for Bloody Disgusting

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