Comicpalooza Day 1: Quidditch, Horror Flicks, and Our Crush on Link

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Being that your humble reporter is they guy the Houston Press calls on our specialty geek emergency phone whenever steampunk, zombies, or superheroes need reporting on, it may come as some surprise that this year's Comicpalooza is the first comic book convention that we've ever been to. It's true, but we still had a pretty good idea what we were getting into.

Calling these events comic book conventions is like calling a laptop a word processor. There's a lot more going on here. The world of film, craft, video games, books and pretty much any pop culture geek favorite endeavor is lovingly represented. Comic is just a codeword for fandom, and the conventions reflect that.

We arrived in the early afternoon without much of an itinerary, preferring to just soak up what was going on around us. Right off the bat, it's clear the steampunk movement is gaining even more ground in the comic community. Goggles, brass fixtures, top hats, and comically oversized and accessorized firearms - it's Texas, after all - were everywhere.

A surprise to us was the absolutely huge number of Ghostbusters enthusiasts. There had to be a regular platoon of at least 20 of them, including a guy dressed as Slimer who looked kind of like the Hulk had mistaken his upper torso for a rest stop bathroom. Their proton backs, jumpsuits, and other apparatus were as flawless, and there were even cars customized to look like Ecto-1. It wasn't a '59 Cadillac Miller-Meteor or anything, but it's a hell of a sweeter ride than our '09 Matrix that smells like cheerios.

8th Dimension Comics.JPG
Jeremy and Annie Bulloch of 8th Dimension Comics
One of our first stops was to visit the booth of 8th Dimension Comics. 8th Dimension is a new comic shop opening here in town being run by Jeremy and Annie Bulloch. And no, that's not Boba Fett Jeremy Bulloch. He doesn't live in Houston and own a comic book shop, though Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew is actually a Texas resident these days.

The Bullochs' booth was showcasing a lot of Steve Jackson's hilarious Munchkin card games series. Apparently we had actually just missed Jackson himself, who had stopped by to thank the Bullochs after hearing how fast his merchandise was moving off their shelves. We chatted comics for a while, and Jeremy invited us to come visit the store when it opens on Wednesday, June 1st. Having known the couple for a while, we can definitely say that their knowledge of the comic world is second to none, and that anyone in Houston who wants to find a true geek home can do no better than to make the trek up 290 to see them.

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i hope this stupid sport does not grow any further than this

Aviana Knochel
Aviana Knochel

Ouch, you spelled my name horribly wrong. It's Aviana Knochel. But I appreciate the mention, and thanks for thinking i'm cute! :)


I heard Doomsday was there, and also Edward James Olmos. I'm so sad I couldn't make it!

Sophie Bonifaz
Sophie Bonifaz

Misty here~! Or rather, the girl dressed as Misty who provided the introduction before the game. :]

I just wanted to thank you for covering Quidditch! Seeing as it's a new sport, any publicity is always good. Still, it's a real shame you couldn't come today; SHSU played Texas A&M twice, with final scores of 90-30 for A&M and the incredible 100-70 (again for A&M). There was tackling, somersaulting, an injury that put an Aggie player temporarily in a wheelchair, and a snitch that managed to fight his way out of a corner in an empty panel room, came to the pitch protected by Batman, stole the seeker's brooms - 3 times - and enjoyed trapping the other seekers in a spare goal hoop. If you enjoyed Friday's games, Saturday's would have been even more amazing. For anyone else reading this, Tech plays the Aggies on Sunday, so do come on down to watch! And once again, thanks! :D

Please don't tell the wife
Please don't tell the wife

The girl dressed as doctor who was cute, too (going by your theme), but no comparison to catwoman.


Sorry to disappoint you, but it will never stop growing. :D

Jef With One F
Jef With One F

Ouch. Sorry. This is what happens when you talk to an infatuated deaf person with horrible handwriting. I emailed the editor. Thanks for playing along.

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