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What he does:
To say that Robert Ellis plays just "country music" is like saying Dylan just plays "folk." Ellis' style of alt-country touches multiple genres of music that seem to span way before his mere 23 years on Earth. "I write and play music. I write songs about my life and the people around me," Ellis says. It's that simple to him, and listening to his lyrics and digestible chord structure, you might be led to believe that life is that straightforward. It's love and beer and pretty girls for Ellis, and he convinces you that these are the most important things a person could want (well, aren't they?).

Why he enjoys it:
Watching Ellis perform on stage, (up until recently you could have caught him and his group "The Boys" each Wednesday at Fitzgerald's "Whiskey Wednesday,") is a real sight. His joy for performing radiates from his core, whether he knows it or not. "I can't really say exactly why" (he enjoys it), Ellis says, "But to quote my friend Tim Freeman, 'Music helps loosen the grip of obscure emotion.' That has a lot to do with it."

What inspires him:
Like so many musicians Ellis grabs inspiration from the greats. He is an "avid music listener and enthusiast" and enjoys sharing music that "I care about with other people." But what makes the music come out of him? "Feeling like I have communicated something to someone," he says.

What is his proudest moment:
You know upon first listening to his sentimentality-fueled album, The Great Rearranger that Ellis is a romantic at heart. His music reflects that unadulterated love of being in love, especially on songs such as "Bonnie." When asked what his proudest moment is, Ellis says, "Getting married to my wife." How much more romantic can a person get?

What's coming next?
Ellis has finished up his weekly run at Fitzgerald's and is ready to hit the road. He takes on the West Coast at the end of this month. He is also working on a much-anticipated new album which is due to drop July 5. But the possibility of fame and fortune doesn't change Ellis' effortless cool. "I would imagine the next few years will be a lot of traveling and performing and hopefully a lot more writing." Sounds like a musician's dream.

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I believe Robert has just scratched the suface of what's to come from his creativity. He is a versatile musician, awesome songwriter, and entertaining performer. I am so proud to know him! Keep up the good work Robert!

Cheri Adair Britton
Cheri Adair Britton

Mr. Ellis must be the youngest on the 100 list, and seems to be the only just plain Musician of the lot to boot. Well done Robert!

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