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What he does
GONZO247 has been in the graffiti art game for almost 30 years. In that time he's founded Aerosol Warfare (Houston's only street art gallery), done designs for major brands' (like Playstation) advertising campaigns, created murals throughout Houston, and has taught street art class to budding artists through the program CKC StART.

Why he likes it GONZO247 started off as a teenager with a can of spray paint and a lot of angst. He says, "I wanted a voice, wanted to have an identity in the city. I never really thought it'd be much more than that." But as he reached high school graduation he began to seriously consider doing graffiti as a career. Graffiti, which is considered by many public defacement, may seem to some an unusual career path, but GONZO247 has proven all his naysayers wrong. He admits, "there is graffiti that is vandalism, but there is a lot of graffiti that is real great artwork. I try to showcase the part of graffiti that is the art form."


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Aerosol Warfare

Weapons of Mass Destruction

What inspires him?
GONZO247 is inspired by the very thing he has done much to foster; the growing street art movement in Houston. He created Aerosol Warfare to expose graffiti art to a larger audience hoping it "takes the art of context and fights the negative stigma that spray paint has." Today, GONZO247 is encouraged by what's happening in Houston. "I'm looking forward to seeing how creative people can get when putting art on the street," he says.

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Aerosol Warfare
If not this, what?
GONZO247 has no affinity for a day job. "I couldn't just sit in an office, rotting away behind a cubicle," he says. And he can't see himself in any other position than he is now, "I'm a creative person in general, I have no idea what I would be doing if it wasn't for spray paint."  


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Aerosol Warfare
What's next?
Right now GONZO247 is working on a private commission in Nigeria, Africa. He hopes to do more art outside the U.S., but has no immediate plans. "I really haven't thought through what's next, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what's ahead of me," he says. Look for his exhibition PERPLEXED starting May 21st at Aerosol Warfare Gallery.

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Love Gonzo's work. Glad to see him featured here. :) 

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