Puppets & Computers: The Best Christian Children's Programming From The '80s & '90s

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Any child growing up in a religious home in the '80s and '90s had a glut of entertainment options, keeping them satiated with moral, Christian music, television shows and video series, geared to most every youthful age group. I grew up straddling both sides, so my world view early on was colored by secular and religious messages, namely healthy doses of MTV and Kids In The Hall, making for a variety of interesting experiences as we got older.

Most every secular form of media aimed at adolescents had it's own Jesus-loving, born-again counterpart. If you liked the Beastie Boys, there was the God-fearing DC Talk to act as the Christian alternative. You like Sesame Street, various variations of Muppets and other Jim Henson-created series, that had "ulterior" brainwashing motives? There were plenty of Bible-quoting puppets for you on TBN. Is Saturday Night Live too worldly? Tune in to Fire By Nite.

All of these shows were wholesome and served up life-lessons, and the best thing about them when I look back now, wasn't the early indoctrination into a contradictory man-made movement. It was the lack of commercialism involved. I never heard McGee, Gospel Bill, or Mr. Whitaker trying to sell me cereal or toys. Sure, later on shows like VeggieTales would make an overt killing on merch and DVD sales, but at least for a few years we were safe from the grips of General Mills and Mattel.

These are 15 of our favorite Christian children's shows from growing up born-again. I may not look like I grew up wearing shirts with Bible verses emblazoned across them, and drawing pictures of David killing Goliath for fun on a Saturday afternoon, but rest assured, I probably gave my life to Christ every weekend for years. Just in case He saw me peeking at that Kathy Ireland Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue at Kroger.

The Gospel Bill Show

Each episode featured Sheriff Gospel Bill and his friends Nicodemus, Elmer, and the lovely Miss Lana dealing with life in the wild west. The music videos were the best.

The Flying House

Christian Japanimation, with a flying house traveling to biblical times to teach valuable history lessons.


Psalty, pronounced like Psalms, was a anthropomorphic hymnal, like the Kool-Aid Man. Lots of singing involved of course.

Colby's Clubhouse

Colby was a human-sized computer that basically had the Holy Spirit downloaded into him, and taught kids about the Lord. Today, he would be the size of a pack of cigarettes, or just a downloadable app.

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Una Sonadora
Una Sonadora

I know and love most of these -- BUT....where are the new shows for my young kids?  Even TBN has the stuff from 20-30 years ago!

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