Greedo Came First: Stars Wars XXX Porn Parody Begins Production

Back in January I told you about the girth of pop-culture porn parodies that are suddenly the newest thing in the porn industry. This time around though it's younger directors and actors armed with better production values and at least a sense of humor about Homer and Marge Simpson banging on their trademark couch.

Porn parodies have existed since pornography existed in one way or another, whether it was a guy donning a top hat and beard to play a naughty Abe Lincoln, or DP2: The Might Phucks in the '90s to cash in on the children's hockey movie. Yes, it happened. Emilio Estevez played the coach and everything.

Here comes the mother of all porn parodies, with Star Wars XXX starting production in the next few weeks.

A few days ago on Kylie Ireland's personal blog, she posted pictures of the construction of a land speeder for the flick, which will of course be in 3D. This being a Vivid Video production, we can't imagine that they will spare any expense on this Axel Braun-directed feature, considering the brand that is involved.


Casting seems to be complete, with Lexington Steele in place as Darth Vader, Allie Haze as Princess Leia, and Rocco Reed portraying Han Solo.

We assume that the names will be changed due to copyright worries, and that hopefully Ron Jeremy can be added into the subsequent sequels as Jabba The Hutt, and that they will completely ignore Yoda altogether, for the love of God. I can deal with Chewbacca getting down with Leia, which is supposed to happen, but for the good of our nation let's keep Yoda's tunic on.

Will nerds dissect this like they do the real Star Wars? Will this also be the first time that the same nerds get to see human girls not wearing underpants? According to the press release, filming began on April 18th and will continue over the next 14 days all over California.

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