Top Five: The SXSW Film Festival

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Last week, we gave you our picks for the best bets at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, which is becoming a hot ticket to rival the flagship music festival. Today we look forward to the SXSW Film Festival (March 11 - 20), which for years has been Texas' highest profile film-industry conference.

And while early reports suggested that SXSW's biggest premiere this year would be Jodie Foster's The Beaver, with comeback-hopeful Mel Gibson as a man who combats his depression with a beaver hand puppet, we're happy to say there are several much more intriguing films in the offering (though unfortunately Austin-area resident Terrence Malick won't be screening his much anticipated Tree of Life--boo).

Click ahead for our top five picks.

5. Outside Industry: The Story of SXSW
You're at SXSW; why not check out the documentary? Outside Industry is the story about how four slackers created arguably the biggest music-industry event in the world. Directed by Alan Berg, owner of Arts+Labor, an Austin based film production company, and a faculty member at the University of Texas School of Journalism.

Wednesday March 16
Paramount Theatre
713 Congress Ave

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