Sexiest Tumblr Blogs (NSFW)

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The best thing about Tumblr isn't just the ease of use, the overabundance of cat pictures, or the constant barrage of memes (or even the chicks in Star Wars shirts); no, it's the naked folks. And all for the low, low price of FREE.

This graphic from a few years back shows the number of pornographic sites that have proliferated on Tumblr. Simply put, looking at your Tumblr stream at the office is a harrowing task, that is if your job frowns on random hipster nudity or sites dedicated to old-school Playboy centerfolds.

Even I have to either scroll through my own stream slowly just in case a blog I follow decides it's time to do an expose on the pubic hair styles of the past two decades, or the anatomical majesty that was Jenna Jameson from 1994 to 2003.

Even if you aren't into smut, chances are someone you follow may throw a curveball at you. Sometimes some of the tattoo blogs I follow can veer a little too close to the promised land, if you know what I mean.

We picked some of the sexiest Tumblr blogs going, throwing out something for everyone: beefy dudes from the golden age of Playgirl, a few daring tattooed girls who always make us do double-takes, and a few celebrity-based picture Tumblrs that always manage to throw out some pretty sweet shots of some of the most iconic sexpots in history.

Remember, these are all NSFW for the most part, and we cherry-picked the relatively cleanest pics to represent their content. Gonna have to wait till quitting time, folks.




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Leno Lovecraft
Leno Lovecraft

Fuckyeah granny panties is such a good one! this is my fave: It's probably not softcore but it's the only one i can find which is still pleasant/classy whilst slightly more sexual :D

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