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Tierney Malone
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What does he do: Malone, who is represented by McClain Gallery, is a self-confessed "story teller, crooner [and] poet using the vehicle of signs to convey my ideas about my journey as a creative person and the lives of my contemporaries."

Tierney Malone's Heavy Weight, tempura and mixed media on board (12" x 22"), 2010
Why does he like it: Don't you dare try and pigeonhole Malone, who has, at one time or another, gone outside his known-for mixed-media medium to do installations, performance, DJ gigs and radio. Also, you may not want to call him a painter, either. "I think of myself as an artist. I'm in love with the idea and the process of problem solving . . . it is art that allows me this freedom and the means to communicate," he says.

Tierney Malone's Southwestern Allstars, tempura and mixed media on paper (36" x 48"), 2006
What inspires him: Malone is all over the place with his inspirations -- ranging from the story of John Henry and Dr. Seuss to jazz and sports -- and that's most definitely a good thing. "In short," he says, "I feed from the pop-culture trough."

If not this, then what? He's currently marinating on the possibility of becoming a storybook writer or graphic novelist. Remember what we said about not limiting this man?

If not here, then where? Though the Los Angeles-born Malone didn't expect to post up in the Bayou City for as long as he has, he's in no hurry to hightail it to any other city in the States. Says Malone, "Third Ward is my Harlem, Houston my New York. This is the Third Coast for creative people in the U.S."

His proudest moment:In life, it's the birth of his "two incredible sons" and "fantastic human beings" Aaron, who's a senior at High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and Tierney Jamil, a Pearland High freshman. On the artist tip, the videos that Malone presented in his 2009 Diverse Works exhibition with film maker Chris Nelson give him a warm and fuzzy. "It was my most successful effort to date of telling a linear narrative with the vocabulary I've created over the last ten years."

An untitled piece by Tierney Malone, tempura and acrylic on paper, 2011

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We are so lucky to have him in Houston.

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