The Funniest Sex Scenes From's Sex Scene Database (NSFW)

Last week, updated their Sex Scene Database, a repository for all things sweaty and nude from the world of cinema. It was hard work, but I picked the 10 funniest scenes from the list, including some that aren't supposed to be funny.

And why not? Sex is funny and stupid. Buncha naked people fitting things into places and making weird faces and screaming. Sometimes you can even see a girl's boobs if you're lucky and you feed or pay her enough.

So close the blinds, sit back, open another browser on your work computer, and kick out the laughs, or take off your pants.

10. American Psycho
Sure it ends with Patrick Bateman beating the prostitutes bloody, including a nude hallway chase with a chainsaw, but the part where he flexes into the camera is hot as shit. I mean, scary. And by scary I mean we also flex into the camera during sex.

9. Ace Ventura
This was the part in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective that my mother would fast forward, and also the scene my father would ask to rewind three times.

8. High Fidelity
In this scene, Rob imagines his ex-girlfriend getting it dirty from Ian, his neighbor from the next floor up. Ladies, this is what Susan Sarandon saw for 23 years.

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