Your Meme of the Week: The Horror Of Mouth Eyes

If looks could talk...
Your meme for this week is something called Mouth Eyes, which freaks me the hell out, and it should do the same for you. It's not new, but I just figured since some of you could be eating it would be fun to show you. So I hope you are enjoying that plate of leftover spaghetti from last night, loser.

It's simple really, you just Photoshop lips onto eyes. Is it just me or do eyes sometimes look like lady parts? I dunno man, I'm just saying. Also, I may clinically be 14 years old, so there is that. Let's just all agree that Angelina Jolie has some nice eye lips, man. Yowza!

All I can imagine is someone running me down on a dark street with mouths for eyes, screaming at me in three different voices, spitting and howling at me while wielding a hatchet or a gun. They don't need eyes to see, they can hear your thoughts.

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The Keith Richards one has to be the creepiest

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