Razzies Trash Jennifer Aniston and Various Vampires

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Sure the Oscars celebrated Natalie Portman, the Coen Brothers, and Banksy earlier this week with their predictable noms, but the real fun fatty meat is with the Golden Raspberry Awards or Razzies. The Razzies have been skewering the worst in film since 1981, which makes 30 years of hating on shitty movies. And brother, it'll continue as long as Hollywood is greenlighting movies about talking babies that are geniuses and Jennifer Aniston is breathing.

Seriously, can she not make a decent movie anymore? Remember The Good Girl with Jake Gyllenhaal? It wasn't great, but it was a change. I even sort of liked The Break-Up, and not for the ass-shot. But it seems like every movie she comes out with is a boring couple date flick that gathers dust on your DVD shelf next to the Strip Aerobics box-set.

The first Worst Picture winner was 1980's Can't Stop The Music, the movie with the Village People and Bruce Jenner, directed by Allan Carr. In fact, the founder of the awards, John J.B. Wilson, actually started the Razzies after watching both Music and Xanadu in a row with friends.

Neil Diamond was voted as Worst Actor for his film The Jazz Singer, and The Blue Lagoon's Brooke Shields was rewarded with the first Worst Actress prize.

The actors and actresses with the most Razzies since 1980 have been Sylvester Stallone (natch), Sharon Stone, and Madonna, who has won five awards, including one for Body Of Evidence, which rules when you're a pre-teen with cable in your room.

This year's pool of wasted talent is stellar with Aniston and Ashton Kutcher the big nominees. That assclown George Lopez snagged a Worst Supporting Actor nom for not one but three movies. Upside-Down Exclamation Point Que lastima! Also, them Twilight boys got all sorts of bloodied. I feel so sorry for hot dudes with millions of dollars. Don't mind me, this tub of cottage cheese doesn't either.

Here's your Razzie Class Of 2011. May God help all of you with any of these movies on your shelves at home.


Vampires Suck

Twilight: Eclipse

The Bounty Hunter

The Last Airbender

MY PICK: Sex & The City 2


MY PICK: Jack Black Gulliver's Travels

Gerard Butler The Bounty Hunter

Ashton Kutcher Killers & Valentine's Day

Taylor Lautner Twlight: Eclipse & Valentine's Day

Robert Pattinson Remember Me & Twilight: Eclipse

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When there is a negative article about Jennifer Aniston Angie''s the Tourist is always mentioned and it's like comparing apples to oranges, how many male actors have had a movie that didn't do well, as a mater of fact, the number one movies of recent have only made 20 million on opening weekend and called a success but for some reason Angie's Tourist at number 2 making 26 million on opening weekend is called a bomb! Why? and have gone on to make close to 200 million, to the contrary The Tourist was nominated for a Golden Globe award, JA Bounty Hunter was nominated for a Razzie, now that is a blow. Honestly I like Jennifer Aniston but on TV, on the big screen she seem to be promoting her body not acting in the Bounty Hunter it was , fiddling with hair, pushig of boobs just terrible!


Yea hate to admit it but she sucks at acting everyone can c it except her handful of boring fans.best yall stick to the 90s and hold on tight yall r n for a ride.reality check she really sucks at acting.beautiful lady but stick to sitcom leave the acting to the prose,just shes so boring n all her movies.no one wants to c her let alone pay to c her n another lame movie,she brings the worst n the other actor she plays or stars with.she just sux at acting.


Yes-just how many Razzies does Anuston have? She deserves many-When is hollywood going to quit pushing this no-talent yawn fest in EVERY rom com they do-it must be true about Anuston's publicists-that they literally have dirt on everyone and basically blackmail her into movies-I heard an interesting tale about how Sandler got stuck with her on the new lead balloon she has coming out on all days -her birthday-like that is going to help-does she have her illegal voodoo witch maid killing chickens in the basement as well-truly superstition and spells would be her only hope

n smith
n smith

Cher for Burlesque? You gotta be kidding. She was one of the best things about the movie. I know the critics hated it, but face it the general audiences (e.g. yahoo movies users) loved this movie and it's actors.


come on ..lay off jen..nobody pick on AJ with her Tourist stuff...or The Loser.or Expendable...just because you dont like romcom didnt mean that all of them are bad..Romcom is a light movie and the fans love it..if you not into romcom..you probably more lightly to bag JA movie..its the same with vampire stuff..they fans love it..and made money..so chill out..

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