The Best Pop-Culture Porn Parodies Today (NSFW)

Marge and Homer's Sex Tape
Of all the porn parodies we as a smut-loving nation could have asked for, we end up getting a hardcore version of The Simpsons, complete with body paint, blue hair, and Homer and Marge doing things onscreen that would make Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders turn red with embarrassment (or at least ask to join).

Porn parodies of big-screen movies and television shows are nothing new, it just seems that lately we have been seeing a rush of them. It's harder and harder to brand and sell original smut on its own these days, and what better way to sell a DVD or Blu-ray than by lampooning pop culture with a couple of wigs and some creative editing and lighting. You don't think they really screw for 30 minutes, do you?

The most popular porn parody of the past few years has without a doubt been the Nailin' Paylin' series, featuring smut-screen legend Lisa Ann donning glasses, pinning her hair up, and taking her panties off to play former Alaska governor and political firebrand Sarah Palin.

What better way for lefties to vent their frustration with Palin's constant conservative foibles than by hatefully jerking off to her pornographic double as she gets in a lesbian threesome with actresses playing Condoleezza Rice and Hilary Clinton, among other naughty things.

As of yet we haven't seen any Michele Bachmann or Christine O'Donnell porn fodder, but we'll keep you posted, though if no one has called dibs on a series about the crying Speaker Of The House "John Boner," I'll do it myself. What? I've been working out and I can wear the shit out of a wig.

Most of these look pretty funny as far as porn goes, with the camp factor being played up in the right places, and the names being changed. We must say it was masterful casting snagging Ashlynn Brooke to replace Steve Carell in the parody of The Office. Let's just say that the Pam & Jim love story goes farther than you ever wanted.

Most of these also feature Evan Stone, who is apparently becoming porn's go-to utility actor. He's in about half of these, including a role as James T. Kirk.

Batman XXX: A Porn Parody
The best thing about this is that they had the smarts to spoof the '60s TV series, playing right into our Julie Newmar fetish.

This Ain't Glee: A XXX Parody
Kinda creepy, with the kids being in high school, but someone's buying it.

Golden Girls: A XXX MILF Parody
See some of the industry's best MILF performers put to good use as the gals from Miami deal with aging, and of course, sex.

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Hustler should make a porn parody about Bachman,and include Pailin,Nikki Haely,the slutt from South Carolina,Herman Cain,and Huntsmans wife shes a hot piece of ass...

Marc Troupe
Marc Troupe

I remember growing up with titles like "The Sperminator", "Edward Penishands" and "Crocodile Blondee". Nice to see them keeping up the traditions of old...

Ben Westhoff
Ben Westhoff

These have incredibly high production values. Seriously.

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