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It should be Black Swan's year.
This year's Oscar nominees were announced this morning, with The King's Speech taking 12 nominations, and True Grit grabbing 10. The Social Network and Inception followed with eight noms a piece, in a year that offered up plenty of Oscar-worthy films.

Inception didn't garner any acting nods from Leonardo DiCaprio or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who were both on short-lists since the film's summer release. Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield struck out with The Social Network, with lead Jesse Eisenberg the lone acting notice. Both films did get Best Picture nods though. Inception busted out of the summer and remained relevant into the fall, a key to Oscar contention.

We were kind of miffed that Armie Hammer from The Social Network didn't grab a mention for his dual role as the stern, spurned Winklevoss Twins in the film. You do know that that was one dude, right?

But it's not about who was nominated, it's who'll win that matters. We handicapped the odds on who should win, who will win, and who could be the surprise of the evening on February 27.


SHOULD WIN: Black Swan
If voters are looking to send a message, Black Swan could very well take the top award. The small cast made the material sing, and everyone loves a good old fashioned dance movie.

The Fighter


The Kids Are All Right

WILL WIN: The King's Speech
A win for this one would be a way to wrap up their presumed sweep of the evening.

127 Hours

COULD WIN: The Social Network
If The Social Network wins, this movie's rep as the first great film of the decade will be sealed. It will also show us that the Oscars are finally in the 21st century if they can get past what could be perceived as a techie-and-faddish movie by the old guard.

Toy Story 3

True Grit

Winter's Bone

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Shoot the Critic
Shoot the Critic

Hi there, I posted my own "Will/Should Win" article with predictions and personal picks,http://shootthecritic.com/feat...,which was very different from yours in the "Should Win" category (not so different in the "Will," but then again the Oscars are pretty predictable, for anybody). You give much of your love and support to "Black Swan" whereas I had very little. Personally, I am rooting for "Winter's Bone," and I also really enjoyed "The Social Network." The latter was perhaps not the revolutionary breakthrough everyone says it is, but it was still very good. I also reviewed both of these films on my Film&TV blog Shoot the Critic.

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