Elvis Ink: Tattoo Tributes to the King

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Most of the best Elvis tats depict the King's pre-Vegas days.
Tomorrow is the 76th birthday of the King, Elvis Presley. The man will have been gone, or just in hiding, for 34 years come this August. He's obviously left a big hole in music and pop culture. Who knows what he would have done in the '80s? Imagine all the neon clothes he would have worn and cocaine he could have done with Motley Crue!

Anyhow, plenty of rockers have gotten permanent memorials to the boy from Tupelo, Mississippi on their bodies--from young sexy Elvis, leather-clad Elvis, older chubby Elvis, to zombie and dead Elvis. We picked what we think are the best artistic renderings, and believe us we saw some bad ones.

One tattoo artist made Elvis look like a Keebler Elf Mark Wahlberg, and for some reason some people draw him like Rosie O'Donnell.

You won't see any of those here, just great, lasting tributes to the King Of Rock And Roll, and the only man who could pull off a sequined jumpsuit.




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Oh, what a nice selection of tattoos. I would recommend enjoying whilst your connective tissue remains fairly supple because one day it will sag. Oh, and if you want to break the law, what better way to identify yourself to authorities and the Texas prisons system. Nothing gets me off more than looking at a hot babe with heavy ink and Hepatitis C.

When I was chained below the deck with other prison employees, I noticed the proliferation of tattoos inside stir. God, what an art form. I have seen many pinheads with tattoos all over their bodies. Yes, gainful employment is just around the corner when you sport skulls all across your forehead and down your neck.

So, fuckers, let me tell you a little secret. Have you ever seen those blue-green tattoos without color? Typically, this type of tattoo comes from inside the prison system.

I was always amused by the type of art in prison. Sometimes, those with "piddling passes", were allowed to work in art classes as an earned privilege. Some inside, use handkerchiefs as their canvas. Still, the artwork resembled prison tattoos.

Thanks for letting me share, now fuck off.

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