Barrie Hall Jr., Famed Trumpeter, TSU And Duke Ellington Alum, Dies At 61

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Today the jazz world is mourning the loss of one of its greats...and one of Houston's.

Barrie Lee Hall Jr., whom Duke Ellington plucked out of Texas Southern University to join his orchestra and later became its leader, passed away Monday at age 61.

The cause was unknown, but a release from Billie Duncan of the Billie Duncan Company says Hall died "suddenly."

"He was known as perhaps the greatest plunger player of all time, and his trumpet style was both intelligent and passionate," the statement said.

Hall was born in Mansfield, La., and attended Crispus Attucks middle school and Worthing High School in Houston. His high school band director, Sammy D. Harris, "pointed a few of us in the direction of jazz," Hall wrote in the biography on his Web site.

While at TSU, Hall studied piano and trumpet and won a few soloist awards in various big-band festivals and competitions. Houston saxophone legend Arnett Cobb took Hall to see Ellington and introduced the two. Ellington, Hall wrote, "How come you're not playing in my band?"

Hall joined the Ellington Orchestra in June 1973. Duke Ellington died in 1974, at which point his son Mercer took over leadership until his death in 1996, at which point Hall took over for a year and occasionally relieving current conductor Paul Mercer Ellington.

Also a composer and arranger, Hall was still a member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra at the time of his death. He had also been music director at Liberty Baptist Church for the past five years, his Web site said.

"I love working in the church. It brings out of me my essence," he wrote. "I use the music to gladden the spirit of people. I have always wanted to work in the church and like magic I have ended up there."

Hall is survived by his wife and childhood sweetheart, Lula. This year's Trinity Jazz Festival, scheduled for this weekend at Trinity Episcopal Church (1015 Holman), will be dedicated to Hall's memory, Duncan said.

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A Big Fan
A Big Fan

I had the pleasure of hearing Barrie Lee's playing several times live and many times in recordings. A few years back, he and the band came to Seattle, and I had the pleasure of telling him he was my favorite instrumentalist in the world. The only trouble was that I could never decide whether I liked his work better with open horn or with the plunger. I'll just have to keep listening.


Barrie, I miss you so much it was just last week we talked and laughed over the phone and I enjoyed your visit to South Carolina. I will see you later give mom, dad and kid brother a kiss and hug for me... Love you...

Kid sister Roslyn


Barrie will be missed. A legend in his own time. A gentle and loving man, a man who loved music and the trumpet loved him. His music was thoughtt provcating, as well as, a soothing to your inner soul. You could not avoid some movement, even if you were 90, when you heard him blow that trumpet. He will truly be missed in the world and in our family.

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