Your Meme of the Week: Tai Chi Keanu

Categories: Random Ephemera

Keanu Reeves officially knows that he is a walking meme, so now he spends his days baiting us trolls on the Internets by posing himself in ridiculous positions. Your meme of the week is Tai Chi Keanu.

Keanu: Meme-baiting.
In photos taken by paparazzi over Halloween weekend, the actor was seen doing Tai Chi Chuan stances and moves under a tree dressed like a homeless Keanu Reeves. Obviously these moves are easily dropped into Photoshop to create something more hilarous than we could imagine.

We once saw a hippie doing Tai Chi in the park near our house when we were growing up and some older kids went and bought a Coke Icee from the gas station a few blocks away and threw it at his head. Good times.

That's all we know about Tai Chi, really.




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