Sex in the Snuggie

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The Parachute: You haven't known pleasure until you've survived an aerial attack from a blanket with sleeves.
Satin thongs, silk camisoles and teddys--who needs 'em? According to Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison, the sexiest article of seduction is a blanket with sleeves. The duo created the "Snuggie Sutra" as a joke on Morrison, a devoted member of the Snuggie cult. The website has now spawned a print version (St. Martin's Press, $9.99) outlining the mating rituals of couch potatoes, and it's been picked up by Urban Outfitters and Spencer's Gifts.

The Sniper Team: "She calls the shot, and he takes aim and fires. Don't worry about the recoil."
Think people in Snuggies look like members of a gospel choir? We think "The Banana Split" will change your mind. Or perhaps "The Matador", which uses the Snuggie as a prop. Apparently the Snuggie is also helpful in obscuring your partner's face (ouch!), as in "The Horse Blanket" which the book calls "perfect for showing off your moves when you can't stand to look him in the eye."

The Amish Curtain: Finally, a use for that clothesline in the backyard! "...You can make love without ever gazing upon each other's dirty, shameful nakedness." asked Friedman if the child he and his wife are expecting (his third) was the result of the Snuggie Sutra. He replied, "I don't Snuggie and tell", but added, "I can confirm all of the positions are possible."

The Pitched Tent: Girl leans over table, arms through the Snuggie's sleeves. He stands behind her, the remaining fabric draping over his shoulders. Great for outdoor picnics.

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