Your Meme Of The Week: Smiling Cigar Man

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SCM, meme-ing it at Oswald's assassination
This fall you have seen Sad Keanu, Prancing Michael Cera, and Strutting Leo meme-ing it up all over your Facebook wall, your Tumblr site, and on most every website you can imagine. You have learned how to dougie, how to strut that ass, and listened to the failed stump speech of Phil Davison, who has a masters in communication!

Daily Sun Mark Pain_560.jpg
Mark Pain, Daily Sun
Look in the top, right corner.
Now comes Smiling Cigar Man, birthed from a recent picture of Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup. People aren't sure if he's wearing a turban, a wig, or a hat. Or even if his mustache is real. Either way, the dude is now a part of our collective meme-ory. The ex-cons over at the Dallas Observer's DC9 At Night music blog even did a slideshow of the SCM in a variety of album covers.

For at least the next week or so, or until a picture of a beached Val Kilmer eating an orange surfaces, we will love Smiling Cigar Man like no other. Keep smilin', keep shinin', knowin' you can always count on us, for sure.


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