Top Five: Porn Stars We Follow on Twitter

Sasha Grey, thanks to Steven Soderbergh, is making the leap from hardcore to mainstream.
Some people follow pro athletes and musicians on Twitter. Some people follow porn stars. Like we do. They lead interesting lives, with their careers running relatively short, dealing with high public and moral scrutiny, all the while trying to sell themselves and their products--video and otherwise.

Women in porn don't have extremely long careers. Guys can pretty much act as long as they can, you know, perform on camera adequately. Girls have to keep up their looks as long as possible: hair, implants, tattoos, whatever happens to be the draw of the day. You can fake everything else.

Both sides of the porn debate get called out for being immoral and evil, or even ugly, on Twitter. Followers will routinely castigate an actress for being in porn, leading to the actress in question to go on a long screed of updates explaining that they're proud of what they do, have no shame, etc. You get the idea. This happens at least once a week, from what we can surmise, to some of the most popular ones.

What's funny is when their daily family lives and their shilling lives intersect. Jesse Jane will tweet about taking her kids to school or having dinner with friends, and an hour later post details about her own signature Fleshlight you can order. If don't know what a Fleshlight is, here's a link. You're welcome.

The younger, more open, porn-star girls will constantly post candid, naked pics of themselves every few hours. It's always a pleasure to see someone's naked Twitpic right below a personal friend of yours tweeting about how their feet hurt from running, or a foodie posting pics of the sushi they just ordered, or a pregnant lady giving morning-sickness color commentary.

Overall you realize their lives are just like anybody else's, except they probably wax more things than you. Some are unrepentant shills, while others actually reach out to their followers--sometimes literally. One star, Bree Olson, even tweets where she is and where you can find her to have sex with her ... but this was months back. Sadly, our flight was delayed out of Bush that day.

Here are our favorites. Follow along ...

5. Misti Dawn

We are pretty sure that Misti Dawn may have put her vagina on Foursquare, but we can't confirm that. It may be her house. She's easily the nerdiest porn star ever, and if she's not filming a movie she seems to be on her Xbox. Even some of our most geeked-out Twitter friends don't talk about gaming this much.

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