The YouTube/Guggenheim Play Biennial: Recap Part 2

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(Revenge, one of our picks that didn't make the top 25--but still awesome.)

A few weeks ago, we selected our Top 10 videos from the YouTube/Guggenheim Play Biennial Shortlist of 125 videos. Seven of our selections made Play's top 25 list: Luis, Home (Soup), Bedstuy Street Interviews, I Met the Walrus, A Braided Beaded Balls Suit, Walter, A Dialogue with the Imagination, and Self Portrait: Artist as Artist.

We recommend watching all 25 videos, but we understand, who has the time? Instead, we present the Play Biennial Cheat Sheet. Watch the following five videos and you too can claim your Ph.D. in viral videography.

5. Ladybirds' Requiem (digest version)
Animator Akino Kondoh mistakenly tasted what she thought was the blood of a ladybug as a child. She retells this traumatic experience in this beautifully created three-color video.

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