Slightly Creepy; Still Fun - An Afternoon at the Nintendo Trailer

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Troy Schulze
Hey kids, you like video games ... ?
If you ever get invited to meet someone in an windowless trailer that has a gorilla decal and out-of-state plates, you might not be as excited as we were recently. In fact, for legal reasons, we should probably strongly advise you against agreeing to such a thing. Unless, that is, it happens to be reps from Nintendo asking you to come preview what will be some of the holiday season's biggest games for the Wii and DS. We got the chance to get our feet wet with the same demos that were at this year's E3 and had a blast checking out the new titles as well as updated installments to some of the touchstone classics of our youth. Here's the breakdown:

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)
Release Date: Nov. 21

The Pitch: Donkey and Diddy are back and ready to save their jungle home in another quasi-2D adventure.

Number of Players: 1 or 2-person cooperative play.

How it looks: The game's visuals are spot-on, updating the saturated colors and hi-def (for the time) cartoony feel of the original to be on par with the better graphics capabilities that the last decade and a half have given us.

How it feels: Nintendo's always excelled at platformers and the game feels good to play. Like with the new Super Mario Bros., cooperative play adds some extra inter-player abilities, and the motion-sensor in the Wiimote is used to up the fun of controlling your digital ape.

Who's Going To Like It: This game will have broad appeal, from old gamers who have fond memories of the original installments to kids who think monkeys are cute. It's hard to say from the demo how big the scope of the world is, but we would guess that the challenges are going to be diverse enough and the visuals appealing enough to keep everyone entertained no matter the skill level.

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